• (c) Mathias Rümmler
  • (c) Mathias Rümmler
  • (c) Mathias Rümmler

The concerto series "Perspektivwechsel – das Literaturkonzert“ („Changing perspectives - the literature concerto“) comprises 6 concertos in cooperation with the Berliner Symphoniker, in the focus of each will be a literary text. The artistic director of the Berliner Symphoniker, Sabine Völker, has engaged Katja Lebelt, artistic director of the international artists’ network teatreBLAU, for the realisation of this series. All concertos will be conducted by Hansjörg Schellenberger, who has made a good name for himself during his long standing activities in various musical areas.

Top-class actors will read the texts: Cornelia Heise and Jannek Petri, Daniel Brühl, Birge Schade, Mehmet Yilmaz, Ulrich Tukur and Matthias Brenner. Reading will be in German, English, Spanish and Turkish language. The Serie covers texts that deal with new perspectives on renowned cities and their cultures as well as topics relevant for society.

Together with the musicians of the Berliner Symphoniker new formats of performance evolve at particular places, for example, the Silent Green, Villa Elisabeth, or the Kaiser-Wilhem-Gedächtnis-Kirche. The orchestra thus steps on new paths into the city, seeks for the direct dialogue with the audience, and by doing this, tries to build bridges to reach out to new listeners - in particular, to inspire younger generations for the perception of orchestral works. All pieces will be played by a small ensemble (approx. 18 - 20 musicians). This originates a small and versatile format and it is envisaged to re-enact the concertos in other locations.

This project is enabled by the Representative for Culture and Media of the German Federal Government.


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